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Introduction to the Ancestor Charts

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This page offers you access to a number of ancestor charts: not only those of our grandparents, but also those of a selected group of other persons (family members, friends and other acquaintances for whom we have researched their ancestors.

These may be interesting in their own right, but if you are researching a particular name, reading all of the text is somewhat inconvenient. In order to make things easier, we have included a small search engine at the bottom of this page

You will note that the individual ancestor charts are in Dutch. We do not think this will present a major problem; but nevertheless here are some recurring terms: geboren=born; gedoopt=baptised; overleden=deceased and begraven=buried. Need further assistance? Send us an e-mail!

The following ancestor charts are available:

Jacoba Maria Abspoel Adrianus van Hoeij Sijne Moes Jacob Stijkel
Frans Bernard August Herman van Apeldoorn Marinus Christiaan Hoenkamp Grietje Mol Adriana Maria van Straten
Johannes Beekmans Arie Kornelis Hoorn Thomas Nobel Heiltje Strijker
Lambertus Johannes Beekmans Willem Hovestreijdt Hugo Noordermeer Simon Cornelis Tinbergen
Elisabeth Blitz Susanna Jacomina de Jong Johannes Olthoff Pleun Gerrit Verschoor
Wilhelmus Johannes Blom Balling Jan Jonkman Cornelia Oosterwijk Maria van der Vis
Anna Geertruida Boerma Josephus Jacobus Theodorus Kelder Salomon Peper Jaantje Lijntje Visser
Cornelis Breevaart Anthonij de Kemp Henriette Philips Neeltje Visser
Dirkje Gesina Dinkelo Elizabeth Geerdina de Kemp Pieter Piek Johannes Cornelis Petrus de Vries
Henricus Dinkeloo Maria Huberta Josepha Kessels Clasina Maria van der Plas Jan van Vuuren
Roelofje Hendrika van Doodeweerd Wilhelmina Martina de Klerk Neeltje Rolffs of Roelofs Hugo van der Waal
Hendrik Johannes Farenhorst Marinus van Klingeren Lammert Rooda Matheus Johannes de Waal
Antonius Petrus Cornelis van Gestel Maria Jeanetta Cornelia Kolder Christina Rosmolen Tobias Wander
Egbert Gosens Elisabeth Koopman Hendrikje Slakhorst Karel Wehrmann
Willemina Groeneveld Barend van Kooten Jacob Slavenburg Bernardus Sebastianus Maria Wensing
Hilda Emma Anna Cornelia van der Haas Lena Koster Hendrik Slavenburg Rijntje Willemsen
Jans Johanna Hendrika Harmsen Dirkje van Kouwenhove Jan Snijder Elisabeth te Winkel
Pieter Frederik Hendrik Harsveldt Henricus Eustachius van Loon Lammert van Soest Meijer Wolff
Cornelia Francina van Hartingsveldt Isaac Lopes Dias Anna Sooijs  
Franciscus Godefridus van Helvoirt Abram de Lugt Lucas Bernardus Spanjer  
Maria Jenneke van Hillo Antonie Meijerink Job Sparreboom  


Would you like to have more (detailed) information on a specific person?

In that case, send us an e-mail: we may know a little bit more! Should you have, on the other hand, more information (for example, data on birth, baptism, marriages or death), we would of course also like to receive an e-mail from you! Thanks!


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