Welcome to our genealogical website. Some twenty years ago we, Ingrid and Cees Tinbergen, discovered genealogy as a hobby and in the years following we have built an extensive database which has grown into one with information of over 100,000 persons. The website which you are now visiting is intended to share this information with you and other interested people.

Our database does not only consist of information on our own ancestors, but also on those of friends, acquaintances and (often foreign) people who sought help in obtaining (more) information on their own (Dutch) ancestors. Should you yourself have questions on that subject, do send us an e-mail and we will see whether or not we can offer help!

On the website you will find lists of the persons in our database (as far as rather strict Dutch privacy laws permit), as well as ancestor charts and family trees of a number of selected persons. We can produce such reports of other people shown in the lists, of course provided there is sufficient information. Also in this case: send us an e-mail!

Naturally, we enjoy to exchange information. This way, we can help each other. We hope you enjoy the site and wish you much fun and success in searching. We hope to hear from you!

Ingrid en Cees Tinbergen