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Introduction to Family Trees

welcome page

This page offers you access to a number of family trees: not only those of our ancestors, but also those of a selected group of other persons (those of friends and other acquaintances for whom we have researched their relatives.

These may be interesting in their own right, but if you are researching a particular name, reading all of the text is somewhat inconvenient. In order to make things easier, we have included a small search engine at the bottom of this page

You will note that the individual family trees are in Dutch. We do not think this will present a major problem; but nevertheless here are some recurring terms: geboren=born; gedoopt=baptised; overleden=deceased and begraven=buried. Need further assistance? Send us an e-mail!


The following family trees are available:

Claes Janszn. van den Breevaart Willem Hovestreijdt Cornelis Claas Meijerts Arnold Tengbergen
Bastiaen Klazes de Clercq Adriaen Maaskant Wiebe Joukes van der Meulen Herbert Pieters Trouw
Adolf Demmers Jeremias Maertens Jan Jansz. de Pijper Jan Wander
Paulus Geraerdts Cornelis Leendertsz. Mastenbroek Hendrick Sanderse  
Dirck Herberts Hendrik Hendrikse Meijerink Adriaan van Seters  


Would you like to have more (detailed) information about a speciific person?

Then send us an e-mail: we might know somewhat more! Should you, on the other hand, have more info (e.g. on birth, baptism, death, burial etc.), we would of course also like to receive mail. Thanks for your help!


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